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All submitted material, including articles and reviews, should be sent by email to the editors ( All submissions should be in accordance with the Saga Style Manual.

The editors bear editorial responsibility for all the journal’s material. As always, authors of articles and other material in Saga are responsible for their text in accordance with general publication standards. The Historical Society and editors of Saga operate in accordance with the Codex Ethicus of the Icelandic Association of Historians.  

All manuscripts should be submitted to Saga electronically as Word documents. Each page should be numbered and have 3 cm margins, double spacing, and 12 pt font. The first page should contain the name of the article as well as the author’s name, address, phone number, and email address. The submission should also include a short author bio including year of birth, latest degree obtained, and current affiliation. Please submit all manuscripts to

The editors of Saga will consider articles written in either Icelandic or English. If accepted, articles written in English will be peer reviewed in that language before they are translated into Icelandic. The journal will select a professional translator, but it is expected that authors provide the funds for such translations. If the author, editors, and publishers are all in agreement, the original English version of the article may also be published on the Saga website.

The maximum length of peer-reviewed articles is 10,000 words, including footnotes. Articles that exceed that limit are not considered for publication. Opinion pieces and other articles that are not subject to a peer-review process should not exceed 8,000 words.

Articles should be accompanied by a short abstract (8–10 lines), as well as a longer abstract (ca. 400 words) that is printed after the article. The longer abstract is always in English, regardless of the original language of the article itself. Both abstracts will be published on the Saga website.

Should authors wish to thank institutions, associations, or individuals in their article, the appropriate place is in the first footnote, following the first sentence. If the article is based on a thesis, lecture, or other previous project, the author can clarify this in the same location. The title itself should not contain any note numbers, nor should the abstracts.

Tables and illustrations should be numbered in the order they appear in the article. For each figure, please provide an appropriate title (appearing above the figure) followed by sources and further explanation if needed (appearing below the figure). This can be provided in a separate document. The manuscript of the article should contain an indication of where these figures should appear.

If the author would like images or other figures to accompany the article, they must notify the editors and help provide these figures. Authors should write captions for the figures in cooperation with the editors. Figures can only be featured if the author and editors agree on their inclusion.