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About Saga

Saga is the principal academic history journal in Iceland. Established in 1949 and published biannually, it is the world’s only peer-reviewed journal specializing in Icelandic history.

Saga is not only widely read by academics, but also enjoyed by non-academic readers who form a large portion of the journal’s subscribers. In addition to peer-reviewed articles, each issue contains book reviews and various shorter articles.

The journal is in Icelandic, but articles include abstracts in English. From 2020, the editors will also be accepting articles in English.

To ensure permanency of all publications, SAGA is archived in the database, which is owned and operated by the National Library of Iceland. As SAGA is not an Open Access journal, there is a three-year online publication delay.

The editors of Saga are Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir and Vilhelm Vilhelmsson.

For enquiries regarding the submission of articles please contact the editors at